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What Financing Options do we offer?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you currently offer Snap Finance Approvals on?

A: All orders over $350+ qualify to be financed with our Snap option.

Q: What are the requirements to qualify?

A: To qualify you must:

Have an state ID or DL
Receive at minimum $1000+ month in deposits. (Any income from jobs, self-employment, benefits…All of that qualifies toward the deposit requirements).

Q: How do you apply for Snap Finance?

A: Click the banner-link above and it will redirect you to complete our finance application. Once approved comeback and submit your order with the payment status “Approved with Snap Finance” at checkout. Or click-here

Q: What is the turn-around time on approvals?

A: If done online, A decision is made instantly

We assist with processing Snap-Applications daily Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm EST.

Q: What is the cost to finance via Snap Finance?

A: Financing via Snap is simple. And the fee’s are simple.

Their standard loan is 12-18 months. Offering a 100-day Payout
The loan includes an interest rate and the total cost will usually be more then double the cash price of the service UNLESS you exercise one of the 100-day option, or early buyout options.
Your loan payments will be automatically deducted from the payment method provided in your application.
Want to save? Pay-Off early…at the 100-day mark or before.

PS: You have options with Snap

You have options to pay off early and save on costs.
100-Day Option – If customers make all minimum payments on time and pay the full principal amount within the 100-day payoff period, TAB will rebate all accrued interest, and the total cost of the loan will equal the amount financed plus any processing fee. The customer must take action to exercise the 100-Day Option by making a lump-sum payment through the Customer Portal, or by calling Customer Care at 1-(877)-557-3769 to schedule payments necessary to pay off the loan during the 100-day period. Other than applicable processing fees, there are no additional costs associated with this option.
Prepayment – There are no prepayment penalties associated with any Snap Loan. Interest accrues on the outstanding principal balance of the loan until it is paid in full. If the customer pays all, or a portion, of the principal amount early, less interest will accrue, and the customer will save money.
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Legal Disclaimer:

Kanpeki Auto Detailing LLC is not a lender, or financial institution. We do not offer set rates or are market-regulated. We are simply a merchant-approved to offer Snap Finance a fin-tech product.

What does Ceramic Pro coating do?

Ceramic Pro is a nanoceramic clear coat that can be applied to the exterior of your vehicle. This durable coating creates a ceramic shield that helps to protect your car’s paint from dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants. In addition, Ceramic Pro is highly resistant to scratches and UV rays, making it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their car looking new.

Ceramic Pro is a leader in the ceramic coating industry, and has been providing high-quality ceramic coatings for over 10 years. Ceramic Pro has a team of experienced and certified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients. In addition to ceramic coatings, Ceramic Pro also offers a variety of other product lines to support window tint, paint protection film, and more! Whether you’re looking for a way to protect your car’s paint or you want to make it look its best, Ceramic Pro is the company to trust.

Ceramic Pro is the global leader in nanoceramic surface protection technology. With a leading industry warranty and passion for perfection, Ceramic Pro is the company to choose when protecting your vehicle.

Yes, Ceramic Pro Products are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your paint. Ceramic Pro will not damage your clearcoat or paint and will not void any manufacturer warranties.

Yes. To maintain your warranty, you need to attend an annual service. This service is free of charge and it is to ensure the Ceramic Pro performs properly for the entire length of the warranty. If an annual inspection is missed, the warranty defaults to the lesser package at the time of the missed annual inspection. i.e. A Gold (Lifetime) warranty becomes a Silver (5 year) warranty when an annual service is missed.

Yes, after Ceramic Pro coating cures is becomes 3 times harder than paint. The coating is much more resistant to scratching. Ceramic Pro is a glass coating, and while glass can still be scratched and chipped, it is much more resistant than your clearcoat.

Yes, once Ceramic Pro is applied you will never need to wax again. Cleaning your vehicle’s paint is as easy as maintain as your glass/windshield. No need for abrasive washes or any waxes/sealants.

No, Ceramic Pro must be applied by trained and certified professionals. This product requires a strong attention to detail and an understanding of how solvent based coatings work.

Yes, Ceramic Pro Products are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your paint. Ceramic Pro will not damage your clearcoat or paint and will not void any manufacturer warranties.

The process of Ceramic Pro will take between 1-4 days depending on the condition of your paint, the size of the vehicle and the package you select. The 1st step is to wash and prep the vehicle. The 2nd step is to correct all the imperfections in the paint such as swirls and scratches. At this stage the coating process will begin, and each panel of the vehicle will have Ceramic Pro applied, leveled, and stacked to achieve the package you have selected.


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