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Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Services In Tampa

We not only strive to make your car look its absolute best, but we also safeguard it with a clear coat that will keep it looking great for years to come! Kanpeki Auto Detailing is here to help you maintain your paint in tip-top condition while also giving it a new polish unlike any other! To meet your needs, we provide not one, not two, but three-step paint correction solutions.

Whether you just need some minor touch-up to preserve your car’s paint’s pristine condition or you have severe swirling, rock chipping, water spots, and scratching concerns. Our premium paint correction Tampa services can assist you in achieving the best outcomes possible. Select an option from the list below to discover more about the service that might be right for you.

1-Step Paint Correction Tampa

Say goodbye to minor marring, and hello to a new polish!

2-Step Paint Correction Tampa

The middle ground of paint restoration to which your car is bound!

3-Step Paint Correction

The absolute monster in our paint enhancement arsenal!

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Why Choose Our Paint Correction Services

Well, there is no doubt that you can just find any detailer across Tampa Bay. Some even have the cheapest rates, but the question here is whether or not they can really deliver the restoration and polish that you and your precious investment deserve. Can their products and services really withstand the harsh roads of the region?

Yes, it is a hard truth that they don’t go far enough. They stop at the point where the paint looks good, but they don’t do anything to protect it. Furthermore, some businesses cannot even deal with specific types of imperfections that may have been inflicted on your car.

Our paint correction Tampa services would never do you bad like that!

Paint Correction

The Benefits Of Paint Correction

#1. A showroom gloss for your car!

Achieve a wet-look, high-gloss finish that is worthy of any car show with our premier paint correction services in Tampa.

#2. A barrier to protect your investment from the harsh roads!

A layer of clear coat will be applied to your car’s exterior after we are done polishing it. This will act as a shield against harmful UV rays, water, road debris, and more!

#3. This will eliminate just about any scratches, swirls, dents, and such!

Whether your paint has been marred by a few too many car washes or you’ve been in an accident, we can erase just about any blemish from your vehicle’s surface.

#4. Maintain your car’s resale market value!

A well-maintained car is always going to be worth more than one that isn’t. Not to mention, it will also fetch a higher resale value if you decide to sell it in the future!

#5. Boost your pride with a car that’s the envy of your neighborhood!

Let’s face it, we all want to be able to show off our cars. With our premium paint correction Tampa services, you can finally achieve that level of automotive pride.

If you are ever in need of any of the state-of-the-art services we offer here at Kanpeki Auto Detailing, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have or schedule an appointment with you at your earliest convenience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Paint Correction FAQ’s

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections from your car’s paint job and restoring it to its original glory. This can be done through various methods like polishing, sanding, and more.

This will depend on how often you drive your car, the conditions of the roads, and other factors. However, we typically recommend getting paint correction done at least once a year to maintain the highest level of protection and shine.

The length of time it takes to complete our paint correction services will depend on the severity of the imperfections, the size of your car, and other factors. However, we typically recommend setting aside at least 2 days for the process.

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before washing your car. This will give the clear coat time to set and cure properly.