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Tampa’s Premier Paint Protection Studio

Kanpeki (完璧) is the Japanese word that means being perfection, complete, flawless. This is the definition of our work.

Kanpeki Auto Detailing is a professional auto detailing studio that takes pride in providing state-of-the-art paint protection Tampa services. We are committed to providing a myriad of specialized auto detailing services of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working with extreme detail and care.

​We Deliver Perfection To Every Part Of Your Vehicle. Expect No Less.

Kanpeki Auto Detailing is your one-stop shop when it comes to Tampa paint protection and auto detailing. With skills and expertise unlike any other, Kanpeki Auto Detailing provides flawless automotive detailing at every step of the process.

From exterior cleaning, polishing, engine bay degreasing, and interior vacuuming to Tampa paint protection such as premium ceramic coating, paint correction, and paint protection film installation, we leave no detail untouched.

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Prices from $2,199

Full Vehicle Package

Prices from $6,499
Highway Package PPF

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Prices from $999
Track Package PPF

Track Package

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1801 A E Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

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Located In The Center Of Tampa

Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating, & Auto Detailing Services

Kanpeki Auto Detailing is proud to be based in the city of Tampa, Florida. Our central location allows our clients to have quick and easy access to our services, and it enables us to fulfill our mission.

The mission we speak of at Kanpeki is simple: to provide flawless service and deliver excellence in all our detailing jobs. Every car is a project, and we ensure excellence. We ensure that you’ll get way more than you came for.

For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.

Ceramic Coating Service

Premium Ceramic Coating Packages In Tampa

Kanpeki Auto Detailing offers premium ceramic coating services in Tampa, Florida. What sets our ceramic coating products aside from the rest is our use of the latest nanotechnology. This gives our coatings unrivaled durability, wear and tear resilience, and heat resistance. With our nano-ceramic coating, your car will be better protected against any road ahead of you!

We even have a variety of ceramic coating Tampa packages that are custom-tailored for your car’s needs.

Ceramic Pro pioneered the development of the original 9H ceramic coating, enabling installers to apply multiple layers for enhanced protection and longevity. With advancements in manufacturing technology, Ceramic Pro has once again transformed the ceramic coating industry by introducing Ceramic Pro ION and ION Top Coat.

Ceramic Pro ION is a dual-component ceramic coating system that employs cutting-edge ION Exchange Technology. This innovation merges multiple coating layers into a single, strong, and resilient protected surface, enhancing the atomic bond strength within the coatings and the original substrate.

The outcome is a ceramic coating that offers double the durability, integrity, and lifespan of conventional nanoceramic coatings.

This state-of-the-art ceramic coating is exclusively available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

Self Heal Coating Package: The top-of-the-line ceramic coating when it comes to  extra protection with the self healing capabilities and pop in our stable will offer you the best protection against any external agent featuring the best in self healing technology!

We also offer Wheel and Glass coating services. Don’t hesitate to call us for more details.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Service

#1 Paint Correction Service In Tampa

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections on your car’s painted surface such as water spots, swirl marks, scratches, and more. This is done with the use of different grades of polishing pads and compounds that are applied by hand or machine. The goal is to achieve a smooth and flawless finish while also protecting your paint from further damage.

Kanpeki offers premium paint correction services in Tampa, Florida. We use only the latest and most effective tools and techniques to make sure that your car’s paint correction is done correctly and efficiently. This will leave your car possessing that factory shine again!

We also offer a variety of paint correction Tampa packages that are customized by our experienced pros to suit just about any kind of restoration process of any kind of car model you may have!

1-Step Paint Correction: The most basic and budget-friendly option, the 1 step paint correction process is perfect for those who just need a standard paint and body restoration process.

2-Step Paint Correction: For those who need a little more than the 1-step, the 2 step paint correction process provides a more thorough restoration with an abrasive compound for imperfection removal and the application of polish for a brand new look.

3-Step Paint Correction: The 3 step paint correction process is our most comprehensive and detailed option that will leave your car’s paint looking showroom new! It includes all of the steps from the 1- and 2-step processes but with an extra fine grade of polish for added protection and shine.

We also have Paint Decontamination Tampa services, check this out for more information.

Paint Protection Film Service

Superior Paint Protection Film Service In Tampa

Kanpeki offers premium paint protection film in Tampa that will act as a strong barrier against any road hazard. Our updated PPF technology even includes self-healing properties to make every penny of your investment worth it! This means that any small scratches or rock chips may disappear from your car’s surface in just a matter of minutes!

We even combined multiple technologies in our Paint Protection Film Tampa packages to seal the deal regarding your car’s utmost protection. We have the following reputable brands that will all work for your car’s sheen with substantial versatility:

KAVACA PPF: A 8-9H hardness level film that is virtually invisible and will not yellow over time.

DYNOmatt PPF: A top coat that is applied over the Dynoshield for an extra layer of protection, better self-healing abilities, and a pristine satin finish.

Car Detailing Service

Auto Detailing Specialists In Tampa

Auto detailing is the process of cleaning, polishing, and protecting all of your car’s surfaces, both inside and out. This is done in order to maintain its pristine condition and extend its lifespan. Kanpeki Auto Detailing offers car detailing Tampa that definitely stands out from the rest! We possess the one-stop solution package that will certainly make the best of your car’s potential! We use only the latest and most efficient set of tools and techniques to make sure that your car’s detailing is done in the best way possible!

Our Diamond Auto Detailing Package is a full-service auto detailing experience that will leave no stone unturned in terms of making your car look brand new again! Kanpeki Auto Detailing is your best bet when it comes to auto detailing Tampa! We offer top-of-the-line services that are sure to give you the best value for your money down the road. We also offer Trim Restoration Tampa services. Contact us now for more details!

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Got Paint Protection Film and ceramic coating done on my Veloster N. They did a fantastic job to keep my track car protected! Will be using them again!

- Esteban Concepcion

This is definitely the place to get your windows tinted. I was able to make an appointment and the shop was on time. This is the first time where I didn’t have to go back, to get an air bubble addressed. I had the shop PPF the front of my car as it is a commuter. You can’t tell it’s even on the car.

- Th0m M0ntg0mery

Very happy with my experiences here. They have previously ceramic coated by boat which makes cleaning the hull super easy and wax free. Recently I had them ceramic coat my son’s car for his birthday and it looks spectacular. They are professional, reasonably priced, and do fantastic work.

- Mike Spielberger


Automotive Perfection

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1801 A E Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

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